More About Home Insurance

Home insurance: why should you guarantee cover?

Home insurance should be mandatory just like auto insurance. Accidents affecting the home are as common as traffic accidents. Home insurance keeps a roof over your head

Home insurance — what is the standard cover?

When you buy a home insurance policy, what are the standard terms. If you buy additional cover, what happens to your home insurance quotes?

Home insurance and the arrival of a hurricane

When the hurricane season is due, are you quietly confident with your home insurance or do you feel a pressing need to get home insurance quotes to improve the cover?

Common home insurance exclusions and limitations

Home insurance policies routinely exclude certain perils or limit the circumstances in which claims can be made. Read your home insurance policy carefully to decide whether it’s good value for money

Home insurance — you should review your policy every year

If your home insurance is not sufficient to cover the cost of rebuilding, this could be very expensive for you. Review your home insurance policy every year